Best Low-Cost Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Forced by circumstances, I found myself searching for a robotic vacuum cleaner. I look for something without frills, less than CN$300, which automatically excludes all the Roomba nonsense.

ConsumerReports1I started with Consumer Reports, where Samsung models rule the roost, but only Eufy is both EC and in my price range.

Here’s how they describe it in their Buying Guide:

Pros: Robotic vacuums do the grunge work while you relax. In uncluttered rooms, a robotic can touch up between regular, manual vacuuming sessions. The better models can find their way out of tight spots and around extension cords. A few of the newest models can even be controlled by an app on your smartphone.

Cons: No robotic vacuum can match the deep cleaning you'll get from the best uprights and canisters. Not the ideal choice if you have shag carpeting or area rugs.

Nothing I didn’t know. To flesh out my ideal robotic vacuum cleaner, it has to be:

  • cheap (less than $300) – CR Video
  • simple – I don’t need bluetooth, Wi-Fi, remote controls or other pointless gadgetry (and it’s unlikely to be found in this price range)
  • good at hard floors, don’t care much about carpets
  • good at navigation and covering an entire area
  • don’t need mopping, that’s the easy part of cleaning and I can probably do it myself (though it would be nice to have)
  • don’t care much about charging station and returning to the station (though I’ll take it if available)

Interestingly, CR actually have an article on the best Robotic Vacuums for $300 or less and a buying guide.

The top recommended robot as of early 2020 with an 88 score is Eufy 11S. The only other ones less than $300, were way lower on the list: iRobot Roomba 618 (Walmart), with an 81 score, listed at $270 and Ecovacs Deebot 500, with an 80 score, at $190, and a few other similarly priced but lower scoring Eufy models.

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