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How to Eat Poorly: more sugar, less fat

It is a very sad reality that poor nutrition happens mostly to poor people. It also does not happen “by itself” but it is rather the result of targeted marketing and advertising campaigns that bombard kids long before their critical thinking is formed. The truth is that too much fat, especially from natural sources, is far more preferable to sugar.

Ebay Auction Sniping

If you have ever participated in an auction, you may have sometimes lost what seemed like a very good deal at the very last minute. We will describe here how and why that might happen and how you could as well win an auction at the last minute.

#TIFF14 and #PepsiPopUp in #Toronto reloaded

Though it's not my first time writing about @PepsiCanada's event, I have taken advantage of it more than once, and this thing called conscience that I have yet to fully drown in alcohol keeps pushing me to give something back. The event is now over, but my t-shirt and gift certificates are still unrealized.