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10 Christmas and New Year Lists of Lists

This is Winter Wonderland season and while some can’t wait for it to end, others would like to keep it going for the rest of the year. For them and all those who just can’t get enough of its magical power, here is a list of Christmasy things you might enjoy.

Name that Web 2.0 Logo Quiz!

If you pay attention to the Web 2.0 phenomenon, you might have noticed the creative use of misspelling and icons in logos. You might know them even better if you voted in the Open Web Awards . Brace yourself for a quiz that aims to test that very knowledge!

2008 Open Web Awards Winners - People's Choice

Mashable has just announced the winners to the 2nd edition of Open Web Awards. Today we learned the names of the People’s Choice Awards, while a week ago we were told the names the Blogger’s Choice Awards winners.