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Command and Conquer Freebies

March Break is fast approaching and though entertainment choices abound, it's worth having a quick glance at what's on the menu. The main course is, of course, C&C 4 as well as the oldies that Westwood Studios made available for free download.

Winter Olympics - Ski in Whistler BC

With all the hoopla surrounding the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, one would likely want to know what are the costs involved in skiing there. Surprisingly, the costs are not all that high.

Backtrack 4 is here!

If you have ever played with internet security or just cracking wireless networks, you are most likely aware of BackTrack’s existence. The latest release has hit the BT (torrents) on January 11 and we are happy to acknowledge it with a YouTube playlist.

google wuoves me – NOT!

I have recently received a Valentine's Day card from Google. But rather than signs of love, I'd much rather get signs of respect, for where there is no love, it's just (corporate) lust.

VOIP from scratch II - Hardware

Unlike softphones , discussed in the first instalment of our beginner’s guide to VOIP , hardware solutions enable you to use the regular phone(s) you are presumably accustomed to use. There are three major solutions that could enable your home phone line to be routed over the Internet.