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Top 10 Blogger widgets, scripts and modifications

Blogger has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Quite a few improvements have been introduced –first in draft- since Google took over, but the pressure to innovate has been diluted partially through the rising profile of the Wordpress self-hosted platform, where most serious bloggers reside. Yet lately, Blogger has been giving signs that some improvements may be coming. We are looking at the latest and best tips we could find for this platform:

Top Specialized Hosting Alternatives to Google

In the first part we looked at general purpose hosting . In this second part we are looking at specialized hosting , not so much as an alternative to GooglePages (as I strongly doubt that it has ever been used for video or audio), but for the sake of completion.

Top Alternatives to GooglePages

With GooglePages suffering a slow and controlled death, it is high time to look at hosting alternatives. We even include a section for Blogger’s who only want to host their .js scripts.

How my twitter account was banned for no reason

I was a happy camper this afternoon, on a lazy sunny Sunday, trying to decide between a bicycle ride and wasting time on the 'net.

How to fix a non-working CD or DVD drive in Windows XP

I have recently unearthed a computer I haven't touched in a while and together with it the problems that frustrated me initially. Not only that the problems did not go away, but now the computer seems to suffer abandonment issues. This is a multiboot machine and it seems that the CD-ROM / DVD burner is identified by all OSs but it is unusable in only one of them. I'm showing you how to fix this problem.