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Breasts, men, Bundy and Christina Applegate

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Chinese Olympics, pole aerobics and fish pedicurists

  The Beijing Olympics are in the center of the world's attention, exemplifying what the Chinese leadership has deemed the "peaceful rise". We take a quick look at smaller consumerist happenings in and from China.

DefCON's DNS, OpenDNS and DotCON's Nisemono

A larger than life, but little known and little understood Internet security flaw gets coverage (again!). We keep wondering about OpenDNS and mention the Nisemono contest, since DefCON and DotCON sound soooo similar :) It is hard to believe that certain vulnerabilities so pervasive and so fundamental have persisted for such a long time unpatched. Yet this is the reality Dan Kaminsky ( A ), a security researcher, has been trying to change.

Watch the Olympics online or tap a phoneline

Not long ago, during World Cup, many tried watching it online live, but few succeeded. This time around, Wired helps you with a wiki ( 1 ) which you can modify yourself, but hopefully won't unless you have something worthwhile to add.