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Rise of salaries in 2008: a cause to celebrate or just another sign of inflation?

The study claims that the increases are calculated after inflation, but we do not find that plausible; not only that this is an inflationary event, but it is, in our view, driven by inflation .

OLPC - charity or 3rd world profiteering?

What if we told you that you can buy a cheap laptop and, for the price you would normally pay for a Windows based one, you can get a laptop running a much more stable operating system AND send a similar laptop to a child in Africa?

Private domain registration

Put simply, private domain registration refers to the ability to protect your private info when registering a website or domain name (a domain name is, for instance,

US elections - the dream contenders

Why would care about the US elections? Frankly, because we cannot afford not to.

Monkeys for Nothing You Get Chimps for Free I

Money for nothin' was perhaps the first British MTV success. The channel had just launched and they needed some cool videos to go with their song, so they persuaded Knopfler to go with this idea.

Typing, dictation or handwriting?

Speedtest - how fast are you? : I clocked 2 short of 60 WPM, which is not bad on a laptop keyboard :)

Google (Mail) Hacks

Googling Google posts about a hidden Gmail operator that lets you restrict your messages to a certain language. It is hidden for a good reason - the automatic detection is not perfect, so not all messages are labeled correctly.

NSA Backdoor - oxymoron?!?

I was recently reading on /. about a new NSA faux pas ( Slashdot New NSA-Approved Encryption Standard May Contain Backdoor ). I can only wonder why is anyone surprised?!

Transform your PC into a Mac

As the Mac buzz increases, more and more people are considering switching to the Mac, but they usually don't have the guts, the knowledge, or both. We try to alleviate that problem here.

Echoes of the WGA strike

Now in its second week, the Writers' Guild of America strike is what has kept many TV viewers from their favourite shows. The bone of contention is now compensation for web content, with WGA making some rather audacious demands , such as a percentage of non-skippable ad revenue.

Annoy telemarketers automagically!

This is a freeware program that will answer the phone and check a text file full of phone numbers deemed "annoying" by the user and checks caller ID when the phone rings.

Daft Punk & the OCD anthem

I recently stumbled upon yet another remake of that awesome Daft Punk tune that just won't get old. As you can see in this College Humour clip , this one is done with college girls bodies. Judging by the way they move, they're not PhysEd majors, but that doesn't matter, the idea is interesting.


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