Daft Punk & the OCD anthem

I recently stumbled upon yet another remake of that awesome Daft Punk tune that just won't get old. As you can see in this College Humour clip, this one is done with college girls bodies. Judging by the way they move, they're not PhysEd majors, but that doesn't matter, the idea is interesting.

And how could I watch this without remembering the clip that started it all, at least for me? That was, of course, the Groovy Dancing Girl as posted some 183 days ago on the boreme website. She is apparently Sophie Merry, a 26 year old animator from Dublin, but I did not have a chance to verify all this info :) The boreme website hosts a long debate on whether the clip was real or tricked - I defended the "real" side. I just loved that clip! I frantically searched for more, but could not find it, so I turned instead to other similar clips.

Here's a second clip from her, this one produced by Bandy Toaster and posted in August 2007, not long before my b-day (thanx!).

I liked the first one more, but still, I love this one as well! Perhaps to quell the controversy of what is real and what is not, someone took the time to slow down the original clip.

The result is clear to me: she wasn't faking, look at her hair moving slowly as well. Give it a Hand, or maybe 2 The following 3 clips are all variations on the same theme - hands. Interesting idea, did she come up with it as well? Again, I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

The first one's the best. After watching the clip above, you must've wondered if it's real and not sped up (I think it's real). As if to settle that debate once and for all, this guy claims to have done it at 6x speed.

In case you didn't catch on, the pillow in the background is a bit controversial, unless it was made in India, in which case it represents peace and harmony :) Here's a hands clip for "Around the World", but there isn't as much material to work with as in the first clip, and as such, it's not that cool.

BACKGROUNDS Since we're talking about backgrounds, sometimes the "backround is da massage(sic)" as it is in this clip - just watch the dog, it's more interesting.

MUSICAL REMAKES The Daft Punk OCD anthem has inspired even some more classical remakes, which is very interesting, since it's usually the other way around. The first, a piano version. To quote a cool comment, "dude, i f*** to daft punk's version, i make love to yours"

And what electronic anthem is complete without an A Capella version?

Where's da guitar? Where is it?

Here Kanye West crashing the party. I don't know what to say about this guy. I don't even want to think what that tube is for or where or how it's been used before. But the final result is, let's say, interesting :)

Can we somehow tie in politics, specifically the Right and the Left into this? Well, they look like dorks and they remind me of that Kamen invention, but here they are.

THE REAL MCCOY This collection of clips would not do Daft Punk justice without a few clips closer to their original creations. First, let's have a look at the official clip for "Around the World", featuring more of those silly, hypnotic dance moves.

If you're starting to get a taste for Daft Punk's originality, here's the original clip for Harder, etc from their movie.

This one's not happy, but again, the visuals are as interesting as the music (if not more so).

A bit creepy, isn't it? Hold that answer until you watch this clip.

This one has again beautiful visuals, but unless you are watching the original movie in its entirety (and even then) does not make that much sense.

Alright, to get happy and feel good again, here's One Mo' Time 4 u (just don't watch it 'til the end).

Just in case that wasn't enough, here's more. It's about luv (what else?!?), and the melody & words are so happy and naive, that even the dark accents of the video are not strong enough to take away the solar feeling.

Now, don't question their maleness just cuz they feel love.

So where's their inspiration, where's all that originality coming from? Glad you asked.

REPLY This dude dances on what sounds like Beck, but if there is a male answer to the Groovy Dancing Girl above, that is, if one can exist, this must be it.


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