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Chile gives entrepreneurs $40000

Do you have a bright idea and a desire to discover a new world? Consider going to Chile then, where the government will give 25 US entrepreneurs $40000 and office space in Santiago to see it flourish.

Costco recalls, tainted baby formula and other food recalls

Toronto was recently shaken by a the rapturous news of a Kirkland Signature recall. For countless consumers, the KS brand had come to symbolize high quality and most of the time low prices.

Health news you should know about I

Every now and then, we're hit by nuggets of wisdom from peer-reviewed scientific journals that confront our pre-exsiting beliefs, or by articles from less-than-scientific publications that confirm our biases in spite of all scientific evidence to the contrary. We dutifully share them with you.

Is your heart glad 2 C me or a panic attack in your pocket?

I do not watch much TV. I even cancelled my cable subscription for this reason and only watch a few channels I pick up over the air, once or twice a month. And in one of these occasion, I got to watch Dr Oz talking about misdiagnosing panic attacks.