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Buy Nothing Day and Black Friday Shopping Deaths

In the midst of a so-called recession, when people are expected to be afraid and postpone shopping, crazy shoppers trample a Walmart employee to death. We take another look at adbusters and their Buy Nothing Day campaign.

15 Steps To A More Promising Morning

We’ve found an excellent step-by-step recipe for better mornings and thought we should definitely share it with you

Koodo, Virgin & iPhone best in 2008 Canadian Wireless Rankings

As expected, smaller, nimbler operators were in the spotlight in the J.D. Power’s Satisfaction Study. More specifically, Koodo and Virgin Mobile left far behind giants like Rogers and Bell.

Improving on Blogger’s Commenting System I

BcS is the target of numerous demands and criticism. As no major overhaul is in the books, numerous hacks have mushroomed to respond to its users’ desires. We’ll be looking at: A. Embedding the comment form, B. Numbering comments, C. Show Author Photo in Comments, D. Highlight owner’s comments, E. Recent comments, F. Top commentators, G. Add Reactions

ZoneAlarm Pro Software Free for One Day Only

..and that day is November 18. The software, which contains Firewall, Antispyware and ID protection for PC will be available for free download for 24 hours, starting at 6 AM PDT on Tuesday, November 18, in celebration of Check Point’s (the parent company) 15th anniversary.

Use Smileys or Emoticons in Blogger Blogspot or any other site

The Internet is made of computers and porn. But wherever humans with emotions get involved, emoticons and smileys abound. Which is why we’ll be looking at adding emoticons where no smiley has gone before.

Improve your website with social bookmarking and better code presentation

If you’re a webmaster or blogger, there are a few little things you can do to improve your reader’s experience and make your website more functional. You can, for instance, add small widgets to help your visitors pass on your page or a display your code more professionally.