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Disabling Zip or Compressed Folders and Thumbnails in Windows XP, Vista or 7

One of the most annoying "features" in Windows is the "Compressed Folders" feature, where Zip files are displayed as folders. While this may be nice for some, most users accumulate a large number of zip files in a folder, making it unviewable in Windows Explorer. We look at how to get rid of it.

Preorder Adobe Photoshop & Premiere 8 for $53-50 (Amazon, Elements)

Adobe's products, Photoshop and Premiere are market leaders in their respective segments - many designers consider them standards. The price of the full versions runs in the hundreds of dollars and rarely go on sale. However, the consumer versions of the upcoming 8 release, Elements, can be pre-ordered from for only $53, including shipping, and there is an additional $50 rebate.

Resolving Flash Problems and Memory Leaks

Adobe Flash was for a long time the dominant platform for animation and quick video and audio publishing on the web. The advent of Microsoft Silverlight and similar technologies hasn't changed that much, despite Flash's well known problems: high resource utilization and security holes. The many Flash updates can result in a situation where multiple Flash versions coexist on your system, resulting in security holes and memory leaks. In this article, we are looking at how to identify and resolve such conflicts.

Lead poisoning and birth defects in China

Just as reports of the rate of birth defects continuing to increase in China were published, we learn that UK researchers have determined that levels of lead exposure previously determined to be safe are in fact unsafe. Furthermore, most electronic waste dismantled in China is recycled back into consumer products (and sometimes, unwittingly, in food) and sold back to the industrialized world.  

Windows XP left out of the latest round of patches

Though due to receive updates until April 2014 and still in use by many people, Windows XP did not receive patches for the latest bugs, even though Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 have received them.

To vitamin or mul-to-vitamin?

The prevailing view has been for a while that taking your daily dose of multivitamins can't hurt and will certainly benefit you. Yet every now and then research comes out stating that most vitamin supplements are not being absorbed by the body. One such last study claims that vitamin supplements may in fact have an adverse effect.

Skype finally up for sale

We grieved when we learned that Skype had been bought by eBay. Either Google or Yahoo would've made a much better sugar daddy and had strong commitments to customer service, while eBay's public goodwill was slowly being eroded by inept practices. An official announcement will be made tomorrow, but whoever will take it over is bound to be a better owner.