Preorder Adobe Photoshop & Premiere 8 for $53-50 (Amazon, Elements)

Adobe's products, Photoshop and Premiere are market leaders in their respective segments - many designers consider them standards. The price of the full versions runs in the hundreds of dollars and rarely go on sale. However, the consumer versions of the upcoming 8 release, Elements, can be pre-ordered from for only $53, including shipping, and there is an additional $50 rebate.
UPDATE: The pricing has been removed from the website; although I myself have placed an order, there is no trace of it and it is unlikely that Amazon will honor it, even though the page claimed that "you are guaranteed this price and if it goes lower, you will get the lower price".
Adobe Elements Photoshop and Premiere 8 are listed on for only $52.99 and it qualifies for free shipping. Both Photoshop and Premiere are available separately for $24.99 each. According to, some of the features in Photoshop CS3 that were not included in Photoshop Elements 6 are:
  • CMYK and LAB color modes
  • More tools and features that work with high-bit (16-bit and 32-bit) images
  • Combine multiple exposures to create high dynamic range (HDR) images
  • Channels Palette
  • Recording custom Actions (for batch processing)
  • Adjustments: Color Balance, Match Color
  • Layer Masks, Layer Comps, and Quick Mask mode
  • Smart Objects, Smart Guides
  • Lens Blur Filter
  • Vanishing Point Tool
  • Pen tool and paths palette
  • Some adjustment layers (curves, color balance, selective color, channel mixer)
  • Editing History Log
  • Text on a path, advanced text formatting
  • Advanced Layer Style manipulation
  • Advanced Color Management
  • Advanced Web features (rollovers, slicing)
  • Customizable tool presets, keyboard shortcuts, and menus
  • In the features and tools that are shared, the Photoshop version usually offers more advanced options for fine tuning and control
Though some of the high-end features available in the full version of Photoshop have been hidden in Elements, the user community has found workarounds and ways to enable them.

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