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Liveability | Where the grass is greener |

In this Economist article several world cities are rated for their "liveability".

Another strange Bell experience

I think among Canada's telecommunications monopolies, Bell Canada is the benevolent, customer oriented giant (while Rogers is the ugly duckling). Yet now and again, Bell Canada's customer service manages to disappoint.

Wunderbar Bell Experience

I recently called Bell Canada at 416-310-BELL to make some small changes to my account. It was 7:22pm, and their phone centre was called, so I tried doing those changes on the website. But - whaddyaknow! - I couldn't, so I just tried my luck with an Internet chat.

File-sharing is a "petty offense," say German prosecutors

File-sharing is a "petty offense," say German prosecutors More often than not, Germany seems to have the only government that has the cojones to stand up to bullies and tell it like it is.

When is the Gov going to wake up?!?

Scan This Guy's E-Passport and Watch Your System Crash presents further proof that blindly investing in technology just because it's new, while raising the bar for forgeries, it actually creates far more possibilities for fraud. Furthermore, the more sophisticated and complex a system becomes, the less likely it is that tampering can be found. Try expalining that to a Microdrone flying, noisy-paranoid government bureaucrat .