Another strange Bell experience

I think among Canada's telecommunications monopolies, Bell Canada is the benevolent, customer oriented giant (while Rogers is the ugly duckling). Yet now and again, Bell Canada's customer service manages to disappoint. Today I sent the Executive Office team the following message: I am hereby requesting a cancellation of my Sympatico Internet account, a refund of any money charged for Internet services, and I am withdrawing permission to charge my credit card for Internet services effective immediately. I consider your failure to provide Internet services as agreed a breach of contract. I ordered Total Internet 1Mbps over the Internet. The service was supposed to be activated on August 14, 2007. My repeated attempts to obtain a connection with the 2wire modem failed on every time. On August 15 I attempted to contact Bell CS over the Internet, but the Bell CSR sugested I contact Sympatico then disconnected. I then tried to contact Sympatico CS over the Internet, but I received no response (see attached screen capture). The application forced me to use Internet Explorer, the most insecure browser available on the Windows platform, as it did not work with either Opera or Firefox. I then called 310-SURF and spoke to Abdul, who stated that they did not have any information in file, so I had to give it to him over the phone. He stated that the service will be available in about 2 days. He also mentioned that the line is not able to reach the stated speed, but will be at around 60% of 1Mbps. A few days later I called again, but this time I spoke to a CSR with a strong accent, who, after placing me on hold and asking me to reboot the modem, told me that her tool does not allow her to activate the modem, but it will eventually be activated. To this date, the modem does not connect to the CO, and the DSL light keeps blinking. Furthermore, I received an email about my Sympatico bill being available but I could not access it on your website. While I am willing to pay $20/month of that service, I cannot pay $20/month for wasting time troubleshooting a connection that was supposed to work long time ago. I am disappointed in the service I received from Sympatico, as I had expected at the very least for the service to be activated as claimed in the email sent August 8. - I also attached this photo: I immediately got an automated response: Thank you for emailing Bell Canada’s Executive Care Solution Centre. We value your comments, and your concerns are important to us. Your matter will be reviewed and someone will get back to you within 2 business days. Thank you for your loyalty to Bell. Bell Canada’s Executive Care Solution Centre Hopefully, this matter, will be resolved soon.


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