15 Steps To A More Promising Morning

We’ve found an excellent step-by-step recipe for better mornings and thought we should definitely share it with youOpen-mouthed

Improvements to your morning routine will be felt throughout the day. So follow these simple ideas and be happier and more productive!

  1. Leave your blinds or curtains half-open. You will wake up naturally, with the sun. Be careful to get your 7h of sleep, so go to sleep early and don’t eat much before.
  2. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. This will allow for a more gradual awakening of your senses. You might want to stretch every extremity for 15 seconds while in bed or just as you get up Sleepy
  3. Use mouthwash and / or brush your tongue for one minute. Kill the bacteria for a better day!
  4. Let the shower fall on your back for a few minutes. This is like a hydro-massage and can really wake you up. When washing, be efficient and hit the hot spots – your groin and underarms. Dry efficiently, with an oversized 100% cotton bath sheet. If you use a blow-dryer, use a high-energy one, at least 1600 watts.
  5. Replace the morning news with a mantra of motivational quote. For instance, you could read If by Rudyard Kipling. Eschew any decisions and routinize everything, so your brain is relaxed and your spirit “up”. You might also listen to music. Whether music or mantra, you can also do it in the shower.
  6. Take a vitamin and a baby aspirin. A vitamin is a good idea any time of the day. Usually they are recommended after your meal. Check with your doctor.
  7. Wake up to the smell of coffee. Consider buying one of those scheduling coffee brewers.
  8. Swallow 500 mg of calcium citrate. This is better than calcium carbonate and you’ll need another 500 mg before you go to bed.
  9. Drink 8 oz of water. You did not for the entire night, so you might be dehydrated.
  10. If you have kids, cuddle with them in the morning. Also, create a checklist for them of all the little things they have to do and hang it somewhere visible. If all items are not checked off 5 minuts before you need to leave, there’s no TV, Playstation, dessert or computer time that night.
  11. Organize and prioritize. Keep your accessories in a wicker basket or something similar. This way, you will cut donw on that frantic search before leaving. Also, have your schedule post it somewhere you can easily see.
  12. Use separate washrooms if possible. Having one big communal bathroom will greatly increase your stress level for the day.
  13. Have an emergency outfit ready in the closet. For the times you sleep through the alarm or when you need more time.
  14. Physical exercises for 30 minutes. Whether it’s a treadmill or something else, if you can work it into your morning routine you’ll feel good the rest of the day.
  15. Kiss everyone you love goodbye. Reduces stress and isn’t love the reason for living?


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