Bash Aliases FTW

When working on the CLI (command line interface) or, as it is widely known, "the prompt", most people prefer to set certain shortcuts as typing the same thing over and over is not something anyone enjoys. In Linux, such shortcuts are called aliases. This is a continuation from choosing and then . Read more »

How To Quickly Set Up Your VPS

After discussing options in choosing a cheap, low-end, learning VPS, we take a look here at how to set it up for secure use, for when you get a so much for so little, you want to make sure it’s only yours! Read more »

Choosing Your First VPS

Maybe you have run into your current webhost limitations or you discovered that running your own server is cheaper than whatever piecemeal services a dedicated provider might sell you. Or maybe you want to run a service that is either not offered or too expensive for your requirements. Either way, we shall quickly review how to accomplish that. Read more »

GRUB rescue recovery in Multiboot

Finding myself stuck with some outdated Linux distributions on an older Toshiba tablet hybrid (without DVD or CD-ROM drive), I decided to upgrade it to a more modern and useful distribution. Read more »

Cable Modem Router combo default passwords

I recently had difficulties connecting to a cable modem / router combination and since it took me a while to find its default username and password, I decided to share it here. Read more »

Best Mobile Data Provider for Smartphones in Canada

You're traveling to a new country and either because you have a prepaid in your home country without roaming privileges, or because roaming is too expensive, you want to get a local SIM card to send and receive text messages (SMS), check your email and use Google Maps for directions. Where do you go and what do you get? In this series, we’ll have an answer (or more) for you for the countries we are travelling to most often. Today, Canada. Read more »

Solving the Hostel Router Problem

I once stayed at a hostel that had terrible Internet connectivity. This contrasted harshly with the superior customer service provided by the staff and the otherwise modern, cutting edge amenities. Let’s see how this problem could be solved. Read more »

My Twinkies Memories

There are people who mourn the imminent disappearance of Twinkies. I am not one of them, but I've had something to do with their advertising. Read more »

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