Best Low-Cost Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Forced by circumstances, I found myself searching for a robotic vacuum cleaner. I look for something without frills, less than CN$300, which automatically excludes all the Roomba nonsense. Read more »

Benchmarking a Windows 10 Home Laptop

I recently had the opportunity to benchmark two very similar Acer computers, differing mostly in the kind of Intel processor they shared. I found that only Novabench is worth using. Read more »

Get A New Laptop/Tablet Or Fix The Old One?

Not long ago I dropped my old trusty tablet hybrid on the floor and the monitor went blank. I had to quickly purchase a new laptop, which itself was fixed only days ago. I will discuss here how I got a new one and what others can do when their laptop is almost dead to retrieve their data. Read more »

Free TV or IPTV on your Android or laptop with Kodi

There was a time when having a “media center” involved building an HTPC, which was a difficult project to undertake, wrought with frustrations and hardware/software incompatibilities. OTA HDTV came along and many felt left behind just when they had gotten things working. Some experimented with Popcorn while others played with NZBs/NNTP/Usenet downloads. After all these years, one media interface has emerged dominant: XBMC / Boxi / Kodi. Read more »

Rental Scam

I have recently responded to a rental ad on Craigslist and got a reply from a scammer. He hides behind the identity of a TV personality. Read more »

Tasker Photo on Failed Login and Backup to SD on Unrooted MM

Having recently upgraded my smartphone for the nth time, I found myself needing to automate a few tasks. Unlike my previous foray into Tasker automation however, my new phone is not rooted, nor do I plan to root it anytime soon. Read more »

Upgrading Kali (Debian) Linux on Tablet Hybrid

I have 2 older tablet hybrids running an older version of Kali (1.x if I remember correctly) in dual boot with Windows. I recently decided to upgrade them and in the process, write a quick guide on what can be done with it. Read more »

Converting text files between Windows, MacOS and Linux

Each operating system has different special characters to mark the end of line (EOL) or end of file (EOF) in simple text files. If transferring by FTP, the file conversion may be done automatically by your client based on the file extension or you could force it using the ascii command before the transfer; if not, you may have to employ the methods we discuss below. Read more »

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