Android Root-ing and Backup

A problem with my (micro) SD card unmounting itself (the famous “unexpectedly removed” error) pushed me to finally backup, root and fully move my apps to the SD card.  Read more »

Updating to Tails (TOR and i2P)

Prompted by the latest Kali update (the rolling Sana), I looked through all my USB stick and decided to update them all. One such stick has Tails, the privacy and anonymity minded OS on a stick with Tor and i2P, used by privacy advocates all over the world (including Edward Snowden). Read more »

Android Automation with Tasker

After playing a bit with Crafty Apps EU’s Tasker we share with you our first two automation profiles, as we think they are simple enough for starters and no phone should be left without them. Read more »

Fixing Windows 10 activation error 0x8007007B

I have Windows 10 Enterprise Tech Preview on a "slow release" schedule. However, after each upgrade, I am forced to go through the same activation error: 0x8007007B. Here's how it went last time I fixed it. Read more »

The Art of Steak and Communal Kitchens

My preference for rare steaks and tendency to cook it even in communal kitchens has uncovered what seems to be a rather wide-spread cognitive dissonance regarding steak and its smoke. Read more »

Windows 10 Tech Evaluation I

After installing Windows, I started playing with it extensively. These are the voyages of the Windows 10 Technical Evaluation, its continuing mission to explore strange new apps and computing paradigms, to seek out better GUIs, to boldly go where no stylus pen has gone before. In this article we will look at partitioning for dual boot with Linux and the very first impressions. Read more »

Windows 10 Enterprise Download

I recently got another used laptop off eBay. It came without an OS so I was going to install Linux, but seeing that Windows 10 has just become available for download, I decided to give it a try and install Linux alongside, in dual boot. First, let us look at downloading the ISO, comparing the 3 possibilities: NetSession, Direct and BitTorrent. This article represents my pre-install research – the install experience and tips coming up soon. Read more »

How to Eat Poorly: more sugar, less fat

It is a very sad reality that poor nutrition happens mostly to poor people. It also does not happen “by itself” but it is rather the result of targeted marketing and advertising campaigns that bombard kids long before their critical thinking is formed. The truth is that too much fat, especially from natural sources, is far more preferable to sugar. Read more »

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