Instagram is Top Privacy Invasive App

Privacy is a concept long sacrificed on the altar of convenience. More legislative attention improves temporarily the situation, until the large conglomerates learn their way around it. We look at a recent analysis made by pCloud. 

top safest apps in terms of privacy according to pCloudNot long ago, Apple forced apps publishers to make extensive, almost exhaustive disclosures through labelling in terms of the information they were collecting and how they were using it. This is far more than most consumers have the patience to read, but it allowed researchers and lawyers to delve into these disclosures and make comparisons.

As one would expect, both Facebook and Google are not doing well, as their entire business model is based on monetizing the vast amount of information they collect on various “users” to the benefit of their clients/customers: advertisers. And that’s a model others try hard to emulate, which is why over 50% of all apps share your data with third parties.

One such analysis is published by pCloud (link below). Here’s the top 10 worst apps for privacy:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Trainline
  6. YouTube
  7. YouTube Music
  8. Deliveroo
  9. Duolingo
  10. eBay

Of the above, I try not use Instagram much – and one could avoid using it altogether through Hootsuite, which also allows the scheduling of posts for Twitter. Facebook can be entirely replaced with Frost, an open source “web-wrapper” app that allows the use of multiple accounts. UberEats is unnecessary, given that its functionality can be obtained through the regular Uber app. YouTube can also be replaced by NewPipe, as we have previously explained, which allows saving videos as a video or music file and background play.

Most of the apps above can also be used via a mobile web browser – especially Duolingo and eBay, though obviously using Chrome has its own privacy downsides. Other such apps further down the list include Reddit, Twitter, Walmart.

Surprisingly, in terms of the safest apps, we find Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom (I suppose after lawsuits Google is taking kids’ privacy more seriously), Skype, Zoom, Buzzfeed and Discord.

These lists encourage me to use my web browser more. How about yourself?

Sources / More info: pcld-invapps


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