Transform your PC into a Mac

As the Mac buzz increases, more and more people are considering switching to the Mac, but they usually don't have the guts, the knowledge, or both. We try to alleviate that problem here. PCs sometimes get bloated. They start suffering from software rot. The tons of DLLs or crap in the registry or even spyware eventually bring your PC to its knees. It is enough for one application to misbehave through either a memory leak or data corruption and the party is over. Soon enough, your uber-expensive computer is acting like a tired 386 with 16 Megs of Family Guy. Reinstalling XP is probably what most of us end up doing, only to find we have to do that regularly if we are to keep our PC in top shape. But isn't there a better way? What if you could somehow get your PC feel more like a Mac and enjoy that legendary simplicity and efficiency? Wouldn't that be better? Sure there is a better way. You can try, of course, Linux. But that's like saying drink alcohol, you'll feel better. Alcohol comes in many flavours - you can have Jamaican Rum or a Kahlua Mudslide, they are all based on alcohol and just thinking about all your options makes your head spin (ah, well, mission acomplished :). And most of us know very well what kind of alcohol we prefer, but when it comes to linux, we're like G.W. Bush at a press conference. Well, let me be the Karl Rove to whisper in your ear and make it all manageable. There are essentially 3 ways to enjoy a MAC look & feel on your Intel based run-of-the-mill PC without actually paying all that money. The first (native install) may be illegal even if you purchased the operating system, but the other 2 are most likely legal.


20080204 - Found an interesting YouTube discussion which led us to make a collection of clips (navigate between clips by pressing the right or left arrows). Wildwobby has a quick tutorial on building a Mac for less than $350, but it is based on downloading the OS, which is most likely illegal.


Until I find the time to write a full article, here are the links that should help you:

OSX direct install

Load OSX 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC.

XP 2 OSX Emulation Forums & Wiki -

Linux 2 OSX Hope this helps :)


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