Breasts, men, Bundy and Christina Applegate

We recently learned that Christina Applegate, best known from playing Kelly Bundy in Married... with Children, is slightly different. In other words, she lost her breasts to a preventive double mastectomy in fighting breast cancer.

She rose to fame years ago with her role in Married... with Children and more recently, we watched her playing an annoyed wife in a short video clip made in support of the Writer's (WGA) Strike; more video clips with her in the list:

Here's the list of videos above:
  1. Presidents of USA sing about breast cancer
  2. Christina in WGA video as annoyed wife
  3. Sexy Sene
  4. stripper scene
  5. Dirty Dancing
  6. Bundy
  7. Cute Clips
  8. With Cameron Diaz: The Penis Song
  9. With Cameron Diaz: simulated cunnilingus
  10. Interview
  11. SAG Awards 2008
  12. WGA part II

It is certainly sad that she had to have both of her breasts removed even though she only had a lump in one of them. Some men might even think that the loss will also affect the public, since a widely circulated "research" stated that numerous health benefits come from ogling at women's breasts. This was, unfortunately, an urban myth.

What is not a myth is that men can get breast cancer as well and most die from it. Although not as common as breast cancer in women, mortality rates from breast cancer are higher in men because most men are unaware that they can get breast cancer and wait on average 16 months before having themselves checked. 1 in 100 breast cancers occurs in men. In the UK, 250 men are diagnosed yearly and 75 die from it. It is believed that the number of undiagnosed male breast cancer cases is much higher.

Risk factors include a history of breast cancer in the family and older age (over 60). Symptoms may include a painless lump (which can also be gynaecomastia, a harmless condition) or a nipple pointing inward.

One more reason to learn to do breast exams and do reciprocal exams with your significant other! hug_girl smile_wink


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