Get to know the Internet, cuz IT knows YOU!

If you are only figuring out the Internet, Google has a book for you!

google-bookYou can find the book in the link below. Here’s its Table of Contents:

  • Thing #1: What is the Internet? or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP”
  • Thing #2: Cloud Computing or, why it's ok for a truck to crush your laptop
  • Thing #3: Web Apps or, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Appiness”
  • Thing #4: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more or, this is not your mom's AJAX
  • Thing #5: HTML5 or, in the beginning there was no <video>
  • Thing #6: 3D in the Browser or, browsing with more depth
  • Thing #7: A Browser Madrigal or, old vs. modern browsers
  • Thing #8: Plug-ins or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza
  • Thing #9: Browser Extensions or, superpowers for your browser
  • Thing #10: Synchronizing the Browser or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop, part II
  • Thing #11: Browser Cookies or, thanks for the memories
  • Thing #12: Browsers and Privacy or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser
  • Thing #13: Malware, Phishing, and Security Risks or, if it quacks like a duck but isn't a duck
  • Thing #14: How Modern Browsers Help Protect You From Malware and Phishing or, beware the ne'er-do-wells!
  • Thing #15: Using Web Addresses to Stay Safe or, “my name is URL”
  • Thing #16: IP Addresses and DNS or, the phantom phone booth
  • Thing #17: Validating Identities Online or, 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume?'
  • Thing #18: Evolving to a Faster Web or, speeding up images, video, and JavaScript on the web
  • Thing #19: Open Source and Browsers or, standing on the shoulders of giants
  • Thing #20: 19 Things Later... or, a day in the clouds

It is essentially Google’s effort dedicated to Internet literacy, an answer to the question “what is a browser”, for which, as they had found out, only 8% of those surveyed on the street could give the correct answer.

Sources / More info: 20things, christophniemann, yt-browser


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