5 Websites to create Web 2.0 Logos with mirror effects

The ideas of Web 2.0 and mirror effects are clearly intertwined. It was only a matter of time until the appearance of simple tools to bring such effects to the masses. We take a quick look at 5 such sites.

The first two sites take an image as an input, the next two take text and finally, the last one lets you order everything mostly on paper.


Reflection Maker is extremely simple to use and has the best interface of the bunch. It will help creating an image containing the reflection and takes an image as an input.


Similar to ReflectionMaker in functionality, wetfloormaker will also take an image as input and will let you play with greater control, allowing you for instance to choose the angle of the reflection.


Online since 1998, they boast of having rendered 300 million free images. Although not entirely web 2.0, cooltext will nonetheless allow you to create text that will make your momma proud!


An evolutionary step forward, stylr will add mirroring to the text, allowing for several options. Compared to cooltext, it gives greater control, but is less visual.


VistaPrint allows you to design your logo (or postcard, or calendar, etc), print them out in small batches and get it within two weeks or less. VistaPrint runs promotions regularly, allowing you to get their branded products only for the cost of shipping, which is a bit high, but still a good deal. Unlike other service-oriented businesses, prices seem to increase with quantity, thus favouring ordering small batches. VistaPrint seems to have a website in every country, so before going to .com, try appending your own country suffix.


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