Potluck honey and becoming

Honey & NutsI recently wrote about a regular meeting of art-minded friends. This coming Sunday we will meet again, but first for a potluck "dinner".
Here's the stage-setting email:
The idea is, "minimally processed, as natural as possible, wholesome, simple
and healthy..." Also, being an inclusive group, we need to be open to the
needs of both vegetarians and omnivores alike. Here is what I am

Veggies and Dip... carrots, peppers, broccoli, cucumber with humus,
babaganoosh (sp?... phonetics)

Raw almonds... protein for the vegetarians. Roasted nuts are not as
nutritious. By the way, does anyone have any nut allergies? Would having
almonds there be a problem?

Olives / pickles... they don't need to be fancy, just present.

Sandwich fixings... deli meats, freshly sliced, not prepackaged! Roast
Beef, chicken, turkey or ham. Whole grain rolls or bread. Mustard, mayo,
tomatoes. Cheese... cheddar, jack, mozzarella... the brick, not processed!

Vegetarian Thin Crust Pizza's... can be found in the frozen section of the
grocery store. Vegetarian , because then everyone can have some. Two or
three of these will be quick to throw in the oven and easy to serve.

Dessert... fruit, like apples, pears, banna's, grapes... simple, easy to cut
up and share.

Drinks... no pop please. Fruit juices, wine if you want it, beer... because
we drank Goran's last time.

Paper plates and napkins... recyclable. Again, we are trying to make this
easy for us and for Goran.

Can you please let me know what you are going to be bringing so I can make
sure that everything gets covered. I will keep folks updated and may offer
suggestions to those of you who are wondering what to bring. Also, if you
have ideas of things to bring beyond what I have suggested, (keeping within
the theme of simple, healthy, and inclusive) please shout it out.

I'll be bringing honey and walnuts.
Here's a brief on both (I'll come back to write more later):
Honey is considered to be a natural antibiotic. It never turns bad, and honey found in pharaohs's tombs is chemically identical to "fresh" honey.
Walnuts are also known for their "antibiotic" properties.
What better way to start your spring "cleansing" protocol?



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