Canadian warship seizes four tonnes of hashish and has a "happy crew that day"

During a "terrorist search", a Canadian warship boarded a Pakistani vessel in the Arabian Sea and found four tonnes of hashish during a 17 hour search. The catch was dumped in the sea. Canadian Press, quoted by Macleans, states that the Canadians were allowed on the fishing vessel by some of the 11 men who were repairing fishing nets on the deck. The search and seizure ended up taking 17 hours and became successful only after the Canadians started tearing up deck planks. Bags the size of pillow cases were found also in the fuel tanks, for a total of 173 bags of 170 kg each. The only previous drug catch took place in 2005. Recently, they only found "illegal alcohol". Lt.-Cmdr. Mike Davie of HMCS Charlottetown is quoted as saying "We had a happy crew that day, that's for sure." In other wacky Canadian news, 8 GTA driving schools lose their license (2), a Quebec woman dies during sado-masochistic sex (3), the officer who spearheaded the Cornwall inquiry into Ontario pedophilia was sentenced to 6 months jail for contempt (4), CRTC tells telemarketers not to fear the "do-not-call" list, and a CBC probe finds what we've always known: hackers grab concert tickets long before fans. Wait! There's more! A website to be launched on March 8, aims to answer all foreign brides questions. A report by the leading scientists for the federal government leaked before official publishing warns of more extreme weather to come (5). It's mostly about water and its accelerated natural cycle - more violent storms, more soil erosion, more water shortages, more droughts in Western Canada. In a weird turnabout, UN has adopted the US position and criticized Canada for its crack pipe programs. Currently, 3 Canadian cities (Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa) offer safe (and free) drugs to addicts, in an effort to combat drug crime and infectious diseases. This pisses off USA and they got the UN to do the talking for them (cuz we wouldn't listen to Big Bro). Our safe centres offer access to literature and professionals and are some of the best things the government has done for our people. Furthermore, another UN agency, World Health Organization, has done studies supporting such centers (6).


  1. Canadian warship seizes four tonnes of hashish from vessel in Arabian Sea |

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