10 Things for Human Rights Day

I just got an email from an acquaintance working for Amnesty.ca. I reproduce it below:

Today is International Human Rights Day - 10 things you can do on December 10 -

Robyn Sayer and Madeleine Pawlowsk at Writeathon in St Albert's AlbertaIt's a time to reflect. It's a time to act.

Shine your own light on human rights by taking at least one action to mark December 10th, the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

giant pen1. Write a letter! You can choose from more than 20 urgent cases - some that allow you to write directly to a person wrongfully detained or a human rights defender at risk, and others that allow you to write to a person in a position of influence - Link to number one

video2.. Learn about the impact of letter-writing by watching and sharing Amnesty’s short, powerful videos on Write for Rights TV - Link to number two

shi tao3.Help get Chinese poet and journalist Shi Tao released. Sign the e-petition, and a have a chance to bring Alex Neve to your community for Alexa day - Link to number three

"He has only done what a courageous journalist should do. That is why he has got the support and the sympathy from his colleagues all over the world who uphold justice … I am proud to have such a son as Shi Tao" - Shi Tao's mother, Gao Qinsheng, addressing international journalists.

Maher and Monia4.Tell a friend about Human Rights Day by sharing Maher Arar & Monia Mazigh's invitation to join Amnesty International's Writeathon - Link to number four

5. Invite a friend to become a member of Amnesty International- Link to number five

tasers6. Sign Amnesty’s electronic appeal calling on a moratorium on taser use - Link to number six

girl7. Donate $10 - or whatever you can afford - to help Amnesty International build the world you want - Link to number seven

facebook8. Spread the word about human rights day on Amnesty's open facebook group - Link to number eight

gift of freedom9. Give someone an Amnesty Gift of Freedom instead of a store-bought gift this holiday season - Link to number nine

10. Be a part of Amnesty International’s global writeathon – mapget together with a few friends, work on your own or look on our map for one of the nearly 1,000 organized Write for Rights events from coast to coast in Canada - Link to number ten

"Amnesty's work is of enormous value to those suffering from political oppression. It is perhaps more important than you yourselves have ever realized" - Wei Jinsheng, a released Chinese Prisoner of Conscience


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