Web Investigative Journalism

Although it missed Paul Jay's Independent World News television (perhaps because it's not fully operational yet), SplashCast has an interesting listing of web-based investigative journalism outfits and how they make their money. Here's the short list:
  1. Democracy Now!, a work of historic proportions, daily 1h broadcast funded by donations and filmed in NYC
  2. Alive in Baghdad the streets of Baghdad - solicit donations
  3. Alive in Mexico made by Small World News, just like the Baghdad show
  4. Talking Points Memo TV liberal political blog paid for by Next New Networks, which raised 8 million in venture capital
  5. Collateral News low-budget production by "irksome" Philly based Woodshop Films, who also make commercial video production;

    The rest are "honourable mentions"

  6. Journeyman Pictures self-described as "London’s leading independent distributor of topical news features"
  7. People of the Web from Kevin Sites of the Hote Zone series
  8. Hot Air with Michelle Malkin "offensive content" (?)
  9. LinkTV "don't understand it, but it looks good" :)
Some other sources not mentioned in the SplashCastMedia review (I haven't read them all, but I provide them here: Another good article connected to this subject is Wikipedia's article on Citizen Journalism. A la prochaine!


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