Win a Swatch!

I’ve decided to celebrate all my “social network connections” by giving away a few freebies. If you are one of facebook friends, if we ever engaged in a twitter exchange or if you have ever commented on any of my blogs, this one’s for you.


Here’s a list of items up for grabs. To qualify, you have to have commented in the past on this blog or any of my other “net properties”, as stated in the introduction. You also have to answer the following “problem”:

Given two Swiss watches – same model, same brand – suppose that the experiment takes place at the intersection of the Equator with the Greenwich Meridian. One watch travels (with it owner) around the globe in a 40-day trip. You may assume a constant speed and a trajectory along the Equator, from East to West. Neither watch is ever adjusted during the aforementioned time interval and they both work well (Quartz). Upon the return of the first watch to the starting point, the time shown by both is compared. Is it the same? If not, what is the difference?

I have not calculated the answer myself and do not expect necessarily a mathematical answer. You don’t have to be accurate in your answer, but if you’re not, make sure you are entertaining!

If you are not interested in a Swiss Watch, you may also choose any of the items in my prize pool that are not marked “Pricey”. These are mostly items I purchased or got as a gift but (almost) never used. Among them a portable DVD player, 2x1 GB Platinum OCZ memory, a crystal chess set, electronics. Additionally, you may also get either a domain name for $1 or 500 VoIP minutes of calling any phone number in Canada or USA from your computer or smartphone.

It all ends March 10, 2010.

Good luck!

Sources / More info: domains, VoIP

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