Revisiting Ubuntu: new install + annoyances

I recently had to play a bit with a new installation of Ubuntu and again, old unnerving ghosts came back to haunt me. Since these ghosts have a habit of tormenting indiscriminately, I am sharing my solutions with you. Read more »

Investing and Finance: Gold,man, Sucks

A few years after the first major meltdown of this millennium, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to coalesce into a better understanding of what happened. For better (a select few) or for worse (most of everybody else), Goldman Sachs played a central role in the collapse. Read more »

Get to know the Internet, cuz IT knows YOU!

If you are only figuring out the Internet, Google has a book for you! Read more »

ISO conversion and burning: DMG, DAA, MDF, UIF, BIN, NRG

A question that keeps popping up all over forums is how to convert various proprietary ISO formats into something useful and useable. We shall answer. Read more »

DD-WRT on Cisco Linksys WRT610n router

Although I have purchased my WRT-610n router (pretty much the same as the newer E3000) many months ago, only recently was I forced to install the Linux firmware on it – mostly due to lack of time and procrastinating. This is primarily due to some issues with my Internet connectivity, which I am hoping could be solved with a better router. Read more »

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