VOIP from scratch IV – setup and customization

Now that we know what VOIP is and the hardware and the provider have been chosen, what's left is to do some finer configuration of our service and start VOIP-ing! Read more »

Unlocking the D-link VTA-CV

A while back (2006, most likely), I purchased several D-link Vonage locked ATAs, with the intention to try VOIP. They were cheap ($9.99) and figured that if I find that I do not like Vonage, I will unlock them somehow and use them with another provider. Though I have decided that I do not like Vonage, I was unable to unlock and abandoned the project. Now that I have a working VOIP setup, I decided to give unlocking one more try. Read more »

VOIP from scratch III - choosing a provider

After discussing the softphone options in the first part and the VOIP device in the second, we are now looking at finding a provider and setting up the system. Read more »

How to sync subtitles

I recently noticed this question asked and started to wonder myself. Having had to make subtitles for one of my foreign language movies, I was surprised to learn that there is a vibrant community of people making subtitles out of scratch for movies they trade online. Read more »

BMI, BCA, blood pressure and my health

I recently purchased a Taylor Body Fat Analyzer scale from Costco (they had a sale). I started to measure myself and thought that you might find the process and concepts applicable to your own circumstances. Read more »

jailbreak for fun and profit

In the previous article on the joys and pitfalls of freeing your Apple portable devices from Steve Jobs technoid BDSM prison, we briefly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreak. In this article we get a bit more hands-on and look at the actual methods of achieving this. Although just released, iPad has already been jailbroken (see video below) and an announcement will be made about iPhone OS 4.0 soon. Read more »

iPod and iPhone JailBreaking

I've heard a lot about the community of iHacks. Apparently, Apple restricts their devices and limits their capabilities. Some people have made it their mission to free their devices and allow them to perform at full potential. Here is how that is accomplished. Read more »

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