Free Command and Conquer (and other games on Steam) licenses!

Today only, Steam is running a promotion of Battlefield 2 – The Complete Collection at half-price. I’ve decided to complement it with my own giveaway of 3 free such Steam licenses. Read more »

Recording sound and audio streams: radio, VOIP, anything

I recently found myself needing to record the sound coming from a program such as a VOIP or SIP client. Unlike Windows, which has specialized apps to record any and all sound output, in linux you have to work a bit harder. Read more »

Scheduling ScanDisk in Ubuntu Linux (fsck, tune2fs, e2fs, chkdsk)

Ubuntu Linux as a desktop has many advantages, one being that you have more power to do things you need to do. One major disadvantage is that few people know what to do well. I recently started to get random lock-ups and decided to force a filesystem check. Read more »

upgrading my dns-323 to 2 x 2 TB III – usb sync

After successfully formatting my 2 new Western Digital 2TB discs properly, with the "advanced 4k option", the time has come to move all the data from my existing 2TB array (1 TB + 1 TB in RAID 0) to one of the new drives. The quickest way to do this is to connect the drive via the NAS unit USB port. Read more »

upgrading my dns-323 to 2 X 2 TB II - format

After a few attempts which ended in failure, I managed to format my 2 x 2TB 4k Western Digital drives. Now that it’s done, it seems incredibly simple. It is also “sticky”, meaning it does not need to be performed on each reboot (DUH!). Read more »

Installing VMware Server 2 on latest Ubuntu

After unsuccessfully trying to install VMware Server 2 in prior versions of Ubuntu I finally managed to get it to work. I still can't believe it was this easy! Finally, I can run WLW and play with all the other OSs I've been dying to try! Read more »

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