VOIP from scratch I - Introduction

I recently bit the bullet and tried to set up my PAP with a VOIP service with my Cisco / Linksys PAP2T. Here's how it went. Read more »

VIDEO: iPad is here!

Some call it a big iPhone that doesn't make phonecalls, while others point out that it may not be a hot sell for women, for intimate hygiene reasons. The very last video in the playlist below explains this best. Read more »

Top 17 Resources to learn CSS online

I recently discovered I needed to brush up on my CSS skills. Here are a few sites that can help. Read more »

Mailto webmail in your fav browser

Most of us use Gmail, but there's a small minority still clinging to hotmail or Ymail, because that's what their ancestors used when they were chasing wild goats. For all, here's how to get your browser to use you email service whenever you click an email address. Read more »

facebook wants me to slow down

I was recently going through Facebook's recommended friends sending friendship requests, then I got this.. Read more »

Greenpeace – Guide to Greener Electronics 2010

First released in 2006, the guide ranks 18 top manufacturers of PCs, mobile phones, TVs and games consoles according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change. Though controversial, this guide has had some impact on the industry. Read more »

Akamai Internet Speed Top & Homing Pidgeons

Not long after we played around testing our connection here in Canada over broadband (cable) vs iPhone (3G), Akamai releases its 2009 Q3 report. Read more »

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